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Incontri bakeka cosenza escort lamezia terme

incontri bakeka cosenza escort lamezia terme

composing too, Sweet pretender etc. However he was one of the nicest guys you could ever meet in this business. Jan 1 June, 2013 la vie n'est pas un long fleuve tranquille une légende nous a quitté une pensée pour sa famille salut l'artiste! Eric norlin 23 May, 2013 Trevor was a great musician, i had a chance to see him live in Ankara, Turkey recently.

Trevor Bolder's Memorial Website: Incontri bakeka cosenza escort lamezia terme

The energy and passion he put into his bass playing was unlike anything I had ever seen. See you when it's my time! I wish you well knowing that for everyone life starts with the birth and end with the death, at least as our life here on earth is concerned. Karen Lowe 25 May, 2013 On holiday when I read the very sad to loose a great member of the Heep family. They had so many hits! Ferry 30 May, 2013 it is a very sad massage. Manuel Moses 30 May, 2013 Thank you forever for played at maximum volume" Patrick 30 May, 2013 We had the chance to meet Trevor in PA in 2011. incontri bakeka cosenza escort lamezia terme Christine 25 May, 2013 So sad. Which I did as a young 18 year old with my own band. Thanks for your lovely calm manner. Uwe Kupka 23 May, 2013 He will be missed! Gone but never forgotten Kev Yvonne 23 May, 2013 May you rest in peace and thoughts to the family and close friends. You won't miss any performance this year if you click on the link! Your great talent for music lives on with all the LPs, CDs and DVDs that I and all other Heep fans love and treasure. incontri bakeka cosenza escort lamezia terme

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